Is Direct Energy a Scam?


When you see a Direct Energy sales representative walking though the neighborhood everyone usually has the same thought, what are they trying to sell me now and is it real or just another scam to get my information. When it come to the sales reps that are selling energy and gas like Direct Energy your normally getting the real deal. Here is a quick video that will help you understand what Direct Energy and companies like it are actually selling you and how it works.

Utility companies like AEP and Columbia Gas don’t produce the gas or energy that you actually use every month they simply buy it from suppliers such as Direct Energy and resell it to you. So switching will not be change who you are paying or where your money is going, you will just be paying less.

When that sales rep comes to your door,you have to understand they make there going to say or do whatever they need to get you  to sign up RIGHT NOW.A sales rep have to see 60-80 doors a day in the hopes of getting 4-6 sales a day.They only get paid if you sign up right then,also they don’t come back to the same area.So when you open your door for him its do or die.Its a lot simpler to sign up online.I’m glad your here  doing your research, but make sure not to believe everyone’s  personal experience.When people would tell me they got scammed and i ask them what happened its always the same things.

1.)My rates went up- Your rates didn’t go up you just forgot to renew it(which you have to do each year) so your rate returned to the way it was.

2.)I got a cancellation fee- other suppliers lock you into a contract for a full year and if you break it you owe a fee.if you already have a supplier then you switch to direct energy you owe the old energy have no termination fees.

Facts about Direct Energy:It is 100% free to sign up.its really that simple.

  1. Clink the link below
  2. Fill out one paper with your information
  3. Answer the verification call from your utility company

AND YOUR DONE! It takes about two billing cycles before the utility company finalizes your changes and you are saving on your energy and gas bills.

Direct Energy just started supplying the area of Groveport, Ohio. In this area the average rate local residents pay at the time of this post is about 8.7 cents kWh by choosing Direct Energy as your supplier that rate would be 6.49 cents kWh. So grab a copy of your energy bill and see how much you could be saving now.

So if things are really this easy, then your probably asking yourself, “Why is it that everyone does not do this?” Well the truth of the matter is, not everyone possesses the information that you now have. As stated in the earlier video your utility company would rather you pay their prices which they can change at anytime, then find a supplier and get a more fixed, lower rate. Its all about making money in the world today so remember to Get The Facts so that you can save some of your own.

Thank You for taking the time out to read this information, I hope that it will help you better understand what your signing up for in the future and maybe save you some money when it comes to your energy and gas.

I no longer work for direct energy but i still recommend it . I have since found a way to make honest money online. Check out the link to see how.

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Ray Lewis

Ex Sales Representative for Direct Energy

*If you are already with a supplier they might charge you to switch over since you will be terminating your contract with them, and with Direct Energy that is something that you will never have to deal with.

** Direct Energy is also located in states other then Ohio including; Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas.


  1. I have been using Direct Energy for almost a year. All of the things I have read about them being a scam are false. I think it’s likely it’s from a competitor who wants to make them look bad. I’m paying .52 cents a CCF or whatever it is; the lowest rate I can find anyplace.

    1. Thank you for your comment, there is no reason everyone shouldn’t have a reduction in there electricity and gas, but all this scam business scares people away. I’m glad people are coming here and getting the facts.

  2. They are a MAJOR scam. Yes they will give you a contract at a reasonable price but if you let the contract run out – BAM, they DOUBLE your rate – not back to what it was before, but DOUBLE what it was before. And even if you catch it right away it will take two to three months to get them stopped and all the savings you gained on the last year will be gone and more. SCAM.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Allow me to clarify, at the end of your contract if you choose not to renew it returns to the original variable rate (which simply means it fluctuates from month to month). So lets say when you sign up, your rate from the utility company was at 8.5 by the end of the year it could be 10 or maybe higher, because the utility companies buy their supplies from different suppliers every month so it will fluctuate depending on that specific supplier. So your utility company is are the ones raising your rate not Direct Energy. At the end of your contract with Direct Energy, you are sent a reminder to renew before your contract ends and when you sign up they inform you that if you don’t renew you will return to a fluctuating variable rate. As I said I no longer work with direct energy but when I did this would happen all the time, a customer would sign up, forget to renew, there rates go up and they blame Direct Energy. Which is why I make this blog in the first place to inform people so they can get the best out of there options. Direct Energy is not a scam people just don’t know all the facts.

  3. BEWARE OF DIRECT ENERGY!! My parents have had Direct Energy for over a year and their bill have Quadrupled!!! They have called their Electric company to dispute the charges and to depart with Direct Energy on numerous occasions!!!! A class action suit should be filed against them asap! They are in REALITY a true rip off especially for the Elderly who barely have enough money to fill their prescriptions. My parents electric bill for one month was in excess of $1800.00.

    1. Let me explain why what your telling me is impossible.Your bill broken up into three parts, your rate(Direct Energy) your delivery(Utility)and your Usage(You).If it where a mathematical equation it would look like this Rate*Usage+Delivery.Direct Energy only controls one portion of your bill and that is your rate.In the only way for your parents bill to be Quadrupled as you say is if they has where using more. Use see people save between $20-$40(Depending on your current rate) a month by getting there rate reduced,its not a Huge difference most of the time. Secondly The electric company doesn’t control your rate so calling them would be pointless,if your parents really want to cancel then call Direct Energy and they will cancel with no fees. Keep in mind that Direct Energy to compete for your business so if they didn’t offer competitive rate people wouldn’t sign up with them. Get the facts people.

  4. The Direct Energy salesman that came to my house flat out lied to me about the rate I was paying. He said I was paying something crazy like $0.75 per therm and he could get me on $0.59 per therm. I signed up, but I eventually took a look at my last gas bill and my original price-per-therm was actually much lower at $0.48. Shame on me for not double-checking my rate right then and there, but VERY unethical for the salesman to lie about my current rate to coax me into signing up for Direct Energy.

    As long as you read the fine print and remember to renew every year, you can save some money. However, my advice would be to take your time and sign up online instead of dealing with the door-to-door people. This gives you time to compare ALL of your choices instead of making a rushed decision while some guy is creepily hanging out on your porch. The sales people are desperate and will flub numbers, rates, and make up ANYTHING to get you to sign up.

    I’m cancelling right away because the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

    1. Unfortunately i believe every word because I’ve seen it myself many times.My coworker where nice people but at the end of the day they have to make sales and at times they would use unethical means to do so.Truth be told one of the main reasons people think Energy Deregulation is a scam is because of them.Back when i was with direct energy there was this one time,I came to the door of this nice old man.He listened to my pitch patiently,He then explained to me that he thought he had signed up already but he didn’t know.He gave me his bill and i gave it a look and sure enough he had signed up for one of our competitors.As i looked at his bill i came to the sudden realization that i could simply lie to the old man and tell him it didn’t go threw and get the sale,but he would be charge a cancellation fee from his previous supplier.I chose not to do it,returned the bill to the old man and went on my way.I know a lot of my coworkers wouldn’t have done that,they would have signed him up anyway not caring if he got hit with a cancellation fee. Despite such acts of dishonesty i hope the experience doesn’t stop you from getting your reduced rate.You are %100 right to compare prices and signing up online that’s the smartest way to do it.The reason i recommend Direct Energy over the others is because i don’t know of any other supplier who offers no cancellation fee and no contracts.

  5. Is it true you are charged twice? I was told by my mother-in-law to cancel the contract as I will get billed double and am expected to pay the duplicated bills for the same month. I just signed up with them and need to cancel ASAP as I’m on a very tight financial plan. Well cancelation is only needed if I have to pay duplicated bills.

    1. Your mother in law is misinformed.Your Bill has three parts your rate(Direct Energy) your usage(you) and your delivery charge(your utility) direct energy controls one portion of your bill therefore that’s the only part that changes.No separate bill,no additional charges.

  6. I had a guy come by last week and tried to lock me in at a higher rate than i have already. The way they word their scam makes you believe you are getting a deal. The third party call back you get won’t answer any questions you have and will hang up on you. I was hung up on 3 times. I eventually called the number on the application and the woman in Georgia asked me my current rate and what I was being locked in at and she told me I was being robbed and to file a report against the company. And she works for them. I’m thankful some people are looking out for others. Don’t sign up its a scam

    1. Thank you for your comment,let me say i am sorry this happens as two very common things happened. 1) the sales rep lied. He knew you didn’t need it but continued to close the sale. Everybody’s rate are different some people have really high rate and some people have low rates, so be sure to check your bill first. Another thing is rate change threw out the year,so timing is everything. In the winter your electric rate go down but your gas go up,in the summer your gas goes down but your electric goes up. 2) when you do the verification call or tbv call, they ask a series of yes or no questions. There not allowed to answer your questions. the sales rep is suppose to answer all your question, so if you ask the tbv person a question they have to hang up.The fault is on the sales rep,had he been honest and explained everything in detail this would have never happened. I recommend that you shop around online, and see if you can find a company that offers you a lower rate than you paying and sign up online. I hope this has helped you in some way and thank you for visiting my site.

  7. Moelovesavon obviously still works for direct energy or doesn’t have a life to be commenting for direct energy I’m on here to report scams and this is one

    1. No i do not work for them any longer.Even if i did there’s no way for a rep to receive credit for signing people up online.The reason i made this blog is to get the true to people.There is a haze of lies surrounding energy deregulation,i am simply trying to clear it up;so you can have the power to make the best decision for you. You see because i worked for them so i know things most people don’t. The utility company wont tell you the truth, because they want to charge you more. The sales rep at your door will only tell you half of what they know, because they don’t want you to think about it;if you don’t buy right then they don’t get paid. So here is the truth if you live in a state with that is deregulated you can get a reduced rate on your electric and gas and it %100 free. But most people are not doing it. why? Because they don’t know, don’t understand or think its a scam. The truth is it doesn’t matter who you sign up with direct energy or first energy or who ever, 9 times out of 10 you’ll get a lower rate. There are also people who have interest in spreading the “scam” lie, some of them leave comments on this blog which i don’t delete so i can show people how ridiculous some of them are.

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